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The Total Gym is an extraordinary piece of exercise equipment. One machine allows you to perform up to 80 different exercises, targeting all major muscle groups with toning and strengthening movements.

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Compare Products: The Total Gym has three different models: The XLS, 3000, and 2000. Click a link below to compare features and promotions for these models at

Total Gym XLS - The newest and best model. Also the best value for the dollar.
Total Gym 3000 - The mid-range model; a great option that includes free shipping.
Total Gym 2000 - The base model. Great features and great price. No bells & whistles.

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10% off your order + free shipping. Use coupon: 11001 - expired 11/01/10
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A recent Total Gym XLS review: "This equipment will pay for itself in less than a year, and save me 15 minutes each way to the gym!" - Dave C. Moorestown, NJ
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The Total Gym is uniquely suited to those who want to lose weight, tone and build muscle, and enjoy the many health benefits of exercise – all within the convenient safety of the home. By using one of the valuable coupons above, you can also enjoy the many psychological benefits of saving money. Over 3 million homes have purchased a Total Gym.

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The Total Gym uses smooth gliding movements to avoid undue stress on the joints. There is an exercise chart, training deck, and even an easy-to-watch DVD that teaches you over 80 different exercises to target core muscles, abdominals, back, chest, arms and legs. It works by using your own body’s weight as part of the resistance, which avoids the need for clunky iron weights everywhere.

Setting up the Total Gym takes minutes out of the box, and no assembly is required. The Total Gym actually folds up for convenient storage under a bed or in a closet, away from your sweaty neighbors who might show up with their 80’s head bands and leg warmers screaming like coupon zombies: “Must eat Chuck Norris! Me hungry! Must eat Christie Brinkley!” Doctors do advise a healthy diet along with exercise. (In fact, while you're saving money with a Total Gym coupon, consider other health and fitness coupons from Medifast, eDiets, or 24 hour fitness.)

Free shipping and free upgrades are currently offered for 2010. By using one of the Total Gym coupons above, you can achieve an even greater discount!

There are several models. The Total Gym 3000, Total Gym 2000, Total Gym 14000 DLX, and Total Gym GTS are also available using a coupon or coupon code above. (Click here to compare models) These models are more about the essentials, but are still comprehensive exercise machines that will have you clipping coupons with rippling forearm, adductor pollicis, and gracilis muscles.

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