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medifast coupons logoRecommended by thousands of doctors since 1980, Medifast is a healthy & effective diet & weight-loss program developed through years of medical research, resulting in more effective weight loss than other popular diets. This diet represents a change in lifestyle, not just a short-term diet or weight loss program, and is often recommended by doctors to those with type 2 diabetes.

Use a coupon code from below for up to a $66 discount on the popular meal delivery plans, including 2 free weeks of meals and free shipping for the popular Advantage Membership.

*For 2013 Medifast has changed the coupons that they offer. The "$25 off" coupon is now for free shipping, & both new promotions require that you enroll in their Advantage Program.

January 2014 Coupons: Free Shipping on $150+ or save $66 on $250
From Jan. 1-31, 2014 only. *Sign up for their Advantage Program for $66 off promotion
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Recently Expired Coupons & Promotions:
$50 Off $275+ Orders: Use coupons: DEC31c or DEC31c25 - Through 1/01/2013
$50 Off all $275+ Orders: Use coupon code: NOV30C - Through 10/31/11
$25 Off Coupon When you spend $150 or more: WDNOV25 - Expires June 30, 2010

Using a Coupon or Promotional Code

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Enter code in box as shown above

After clicking on a link above, a coupon code will appear, which is to be used at checkout. The "coupon discount" field is in the lower part of the form in which you enter your personal information. Simply type in the code, and proceed to the order confirmation page. The discount from the promo codes will be reflected in your order total. Most times orders over $275 also qualify for free shipping or half-priced shipping.

womanAbout the Diet: The Medifast 5 & 1 Plan consists of 5 daily “meals” supplied by Medifast, in addition to 1 “Lean and Green” meal of the dieter’s choosing. These 5 “meals” certainly broaden the idea of food. They come in individual packets that are mixed with water, then microwaved or refrigerated. These foods include various shakes, soups, stews, chili, oatmeal, scrambled eggs, fruit drinks, iced teas, hot beverages, bars, puddings, pretzel sticks, and cheese puffs.

The Medifast coupon codes for 2011 will work towards all these “meals.” These codes should repeat in a similar form for 2013 as well. To insure that daily vitamin and nutrients allowances are reached, Medifast fortifies the meals. The Medifast program, including Momentum and Take Shape for Life, is a diet intended to provide quick weight loss. To maintain the weight loss achieved from the diet, longer term transitions to maintenance diets are encouraged. The point of Medifast coupons is to save money, hence monthly codes are listed, but these are not an endorsement of the program. You have to decide, and personal responsibility is important to the cohesion of any civilization.

medifast codeIn addition to these packaged and fortified 5 a day meals, Medifast recommends one “real” meal of 5-7 ounces of lean protein (fish, shellfish, game meat, ground turkey, egg whites, patties made by companies like Boca Burger, Morningstar Farms, or Garden Burger, lean beef, lamb, pork, or tofu). Depending on how much fat is in the lean protein (they provide a chart to help you determine), 0-2 servings per day of healthy fat is also recommended. This may include a teaspoon of canola, flaxseed, walnut, or olive oil, 5-6 olives, 2 tablespoons of low carbohydrate dressing, or one teaspoon of fat free margarine. Margarine is a generic term that encompasses a wide range of butter substitutes, so one needs to be careful to avoid those with trans-fats and high saturated fat content. Medifast coupons probably won’t work for buying tubs of margarine. Did you know that the United States exports 2 billion pounds of margarine per year, yet imports 10 billion? Maybe that alone is motivation enough to get one of the new Medifast Diet coupon codes to start your diet today!

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How Much Does the Medifast Diet cost per day if I use a code? The cost works out to about $11 a day after using a code, which is less than the $16 a day the average American spends on food. The Medifast 5 & 1 Plan provides approximately 800-1,000 calories per day. Consuming such a low calorie count might work out to less than $16 a day if this were an adjusted comparison. Using the Medifast coupon codes further complicates, but reduces this daily cost. Such a low level of calories and carbohydrates is how the plan produces a deficit in total calories taken in, necessitating that the body resort to mobilizing its fat stores to provide sufficient energy. This is a significant cut in calories for some, and the weight loss achieved may be dramatic.

Before even thinking about using a code or enrolling in any such diet program, one should read through the “Answers to Frequently asked Medifast Questions” posted on their website numerous times, and then consult with a physician. The choice of what goes in your body is ultimately your decision, and this review and listing of Medifast coupons is in no way an endorsement of the diet by another doctor or theexaminingroom.

Medifast Coupon Codes 2013 - Coupons for a $25 to $50 Discount

stethoscopeUsing a coupon code: When you join the Medifast Momentum Program as a new customer, you are eligible for 2 weeks of free meals. All customers can use a $25 or $50 off Medifast coupon or promotional code from above during checkout for great deals on memberships and promo codes for meal delivery.

If you are clicking the link to the Advantage Membership, then no code is needed, and the discount is applied automatically. Check this site frequently for new medifast coupons and discount codes good for free shipping and up to $50, or even $200 discount when you sign up for the Momentum program at (Not metafast, or, which is an unrelated site)

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