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ediets logoSince 1997, eDiets.com has provided professional diet services and information to over two million members. Not only did they get recognized recently as the best of the web for diet & nutrition, but their meal delivery service, Deliciously Yours, was also recognized as the best meal delivery service by epicurious.com.

Use the coupons and promo codes below for up to a 25% discount on the popular ediets Weight Loss Plan, the Glycemic Impact diet, or a coupon for ediets meal delivery plans.

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Memberships Include support, custom fitness programs, ediets community, & recipes
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25% Off the Glycemic Impact Diet - Keeps Energy Up - Promotion Thru 6-30-13
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25% Off the New Mediterranean Diet - Fresh, Whole Foods -This promotion thru 6-30-13 
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25% Off Living w/ Diabetes Meal Plan - Control Blood Glucose - Promotion thru 6-30-13
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About eDiets Promotional Codes
ediets coupon detailseDiets is a leading online weight loss service, based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, known for providing customized online diet plans. They offer over 20 discount weight loss plans including the eDiets weight loss plan, the Slim Fast Optima diet, the Glycemic Impact diet, and many more. (see coupon links above to get an ediets promo code for 25% off)

Doctors agree that each person has different needs when choosing the right diet. eDiets offers many online tools to keep you motivated, and to make sure that your diet works! Your membership includes: free one on one expert diet & nutrition support, customized fitness plans, a great interactive online community & more. For a limited time, you can take advantage of great online deals and promo codes including an eDiets coupon for 25% off weight loss plans, or a free week of their meal delivery service, "Deliciously Yours." For a great deal, be sure to consider the ediets discount Coupon for Free week of meal delivery

eDiets Meal Delivery: eDiets has a great meal delivery program called, "deliciously yours." This plan is great if you are too busy to prepare fresh meals yourself; if you want a great variety of gourmet meals, or if you just want the convenience of great tasting, healthy & nutritious meals delivered to your door. WIth the new coupon, you can get a free week of meals with new membership.

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New ediets.com Coupon Codes and promotional Discounts

doctor iconUsing coupons: We are happy to offer the best ediets coupons & promotional codes for up to a 25% discount. Use an ediets promo code from above for during checkout for great deals on memberships and meal delivery.

If an eDiets coupon code is given, just enter the code at checkout in the box that says "enter coupon or promo code." Check this site often for weekly coupons and promotional codes good for free shipping and up to 20% off at ediets.com. Coupons are often reserved for new customers or new email accounts. Check the site for details on promotional codes, discounts, or coupons offered. The free week of meal delivery promo code often gives you more of a discount than the 25% off coupon, and can be used towards diets like the Mediterranean and glycemic impact diet. These diets are not endorsed by steve guttenberg, and we do not claim that following these diets will make you look like him, nor will they give you luxurious curly hair similar to mr. guttenberg's. Medifast Diet vs eDiets

eDiets.com is often misspelled as "ediet.com" - Check expiration date of promo code or coupons before using.


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