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Coupons for – I believe it was Ice Cube who once said, “You better check yo’ self before you wreck yo’ self.” He was clearly referring to the fact that buying checks from your bank will cost twice the price of buying them online from Checks in the Mail.

As an online leader in the printing of discount personal and business checks, they have over 250 check designs, high quality printing, and great customer service, it’s no wonder they have over 12 million customers. Use a coupon or offer code below for a discount of 60% or more plus free shipping:

featured coupon for checks in the mail

arrow Personal Checks: $5.99 per Box + Free Shipping! September 2014
No minimum. Most popular promotion from
Get this coupon
arrow Reorder Checks: 20% Offnew + Free shipping. September 2014
Excludes clearance; reorders only. Visit Checks in the Mail
See offer code
arrow New Customers: $6.99 per Boxnew+ Free shipping. September 2014
All new accounts. Excludes business checks. Visit site & use code
Code: NEW699
arrow Business Checks: 25% Offnew- NEW business customers – 2014
Includes computer checks & manual checks for new accounts
Get this coupon
arrow Laser Checks: 20% Off+ free shipping for most orders – 2014
Many codes are for NEW customers; this should work for reorders
View coupon
arrow Reorder Checks: 20% Off + free shipping for most orders. 2014
Many codes are for NEW customers; this should work for reorders
Get this coupon
arrow Personal Checks: 60% Off – New customers; not reordering. 2014
Reorders & business checks excluded. Visit Checks In the Mail:
View coupon

discount personal checks from

Where do you enter a coupon?

After clicking on a link above, you will be taken to, and a code will appear. Use the code at checkout in the box that prompts you for an “offer code” like this:

enter checks in the mail coupon here

The “offer code” field is in the lower part of the form in which you enter your personal information. Just type in the code, and proceed to the order confirmation page. The discount from the code will be applied to your order total just above the subtotal. Note that each code has it’s own exclusions, so it’s a good idea to write down more than one coupon. Also, keep in mind that codes are specific to either personal or business checks, and not both.

What is the best coupon that they offer?

The best promotion going on right now is for new customers, offering you books of checks for $5.99 each plus free shipping. When you click over to their site, you might see a banner promoting a code for $6.99 per book of checks, which is not quite as good. Not a bad idea to load up as a new customer, as the best promotion for existing accounts or reorders a smaller discount; usually about 20% off plus free delivery.

Did you just say, “Free” shipping?

The new customer offers as well as the reorder coupons for Checks In the Mail often include free standard or “budget” shipping. Keep in mind that this is their slowest speed, so if you are sitting in your kitchen without any checks left at all, you might have to pony up for a faster shipping speed. If you can afford to wait, their “free” speed takes about a week or more.

business personal checks

Don’t mix Business & personal

Just like the wise man said, “don’t mix business with personal.” Perhaps that’s why each section acts like it’s own separate store on, each with their own offer codes. Coupons for personal bank checks offer deeper discounts, (60% off or more!) but you can still find offers of up to 25% off on the business side as well.

Deals for from the Examining Room

You probably realize by now that your bank would love to have you show up at their door to order personal checks. After all, they’ll charge you about twice as much as you’ll pay if you order through popular online stores like and It makes sense if you think about it though. You’ll be taking up the time of the teller and/or bank workers, so someone has to pay for that.

Why not stick it to “The Man” and cut the greedy banks out of the equation all together. (Hey, didn’t we bail them all out?) Here at we think of ourselves as a couple of blogging Robin Hoods; taking money from banks and corporations, and giving it back to the masses. Please visit us again soon!


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