September 12, 2011

by David Lewis

Banging, clammering, frosted glass, muffled shouts
Beside me white wraiths give comfort
“We have the answer to World Peace”
No way to share, then ….


Black sausages with red faces swaying
Rearing up to overwhelm
Purple clad person floats stage left
Disappears to the right…


Coloured orbs float around me,
Chamber filled with people
Gun pointed at me
A scuffle, a shot…


Afar, red car draws up to a tower
Zoom in to follow driver
Round and round we climb
He jumps, I follow…


Earth races away from me
Behold awesome blue sapphire


Eyes open to
Chained by tubes and leads
Purple nurse greets me
“Hello” she says

And the work begins to get out of Intensive Care


Author’s note: “I am trying to communicate some of the experience when I was unconscious in ITU after a respiratory arrest. Three weeks in medical coma before awaking. The events still affect me and I hope my humble offering goes some way to improve our understanding of what it is like to be hallucinating while to all appearances one is unconscious.”


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drcharles September 12, 2011 at 12:24 pm

There is a strong sense of riotous color in this poem, which captures what I would imagine hallucinations must feel like. Thank you, and congratulations on pulling through.

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